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I wasn’t planning on making any desktop wallpapers for 2014, but several hundred people downloaded the ones I made last year, thought it was worth doing again for next year?

So here are some of what may be my finest live photos from 2013, as 1920x1080 sized desktop wallpapers, available now for free download from, or you can click the image above if you’re reading this on Tumblr. 

Limited Edition run of 2012 Desktop Calendars (2 sizes: 1920x1080 : 1280x1024)

Featuring some of my favourite live and band images from 2011:

Set 1 - band promo

January: The Darkness
February: Feed The Rhino
March: Bleed From Within
April: Kitty Couture
May: Sonic Boom Six
June: Mortiis
July: Hyro Da Hero 
August: Bury Tomorrow 
September: Vanna
October: Yashin
November: Mc Lars
December: Dani Winter Bates 

Set 2 - live (black and white)

January: While She Sleeps @ Crash Doubt 2011
February: The Blackout @ Merthyr Rock 2011
March: Asking Alexandria @ GROEZROCK 2011
April: Lower Than Atlantis @ Crash Doubt 2011
May: Attack Attack! @ Wedge, Portsmouth
June: My Passion @ Merthyr Rock 2011
July: Shadows Chasing Ghosts @ Slam Dunk 2011 
August: Feed The Rhino @ Hevy Fest 2011
September: August Burns Red @ Groezrock 2011
October: Bleed From Within @ Black Star Fest 2011
November: Young Guns @ Hit the Deck 2011
December: The Darkness @ Shepherds Bush 2011

Set 3 - live

January: Funeral for a Friend @ Merthyr Rock 2011
February: The Darkness @ Shepherds Bush 2011
March: Bury Tomorrow @ Slam Dunk 2011
April: The Blackout @ Hit the Deck 2011
May: We Are the Ocean @ Slam Dunk 2011
June: While She Sleeps @ Slam Dunk 2011 
July: The Ghost Inside @ GROEZROCK 2011
August: Enter Shikari @ Portsmouth Pyramids 2011
September: Letlive @ Portsmouth Pyramids 2011
October: Deaf Havana @ Slam Dunk 2011
November: Young Guns @ Butserfest 2011
December: Bring Me The Horizon @ Resurrection 2011

Available til end January

All images © Marianne Harris 
These wallpapers are intended for personal use only. No editing, repackaging, redistribution allowed

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