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So my day today has been a little bit crazy, and invoked a lot of ‘whoa wtf’ type exclamations. On Wednesday The Lounge Kittens posted the video I’d made for them a couple of weeks ago online. And we were stoked to hell with the 10,000 views it had had so far when we woke up this morning.

At 3pm today Fred Durst tweeted the ladies to say he loved their cover of Rollin’. 5 minutes later I was tagged in a comment on Limp Bizkit’s Facebook page by a friend…they’d posted the video link up.

All day long both myself and the Kittens have been reading the comments on their status (some of them are from proper haters but mostly they’ve been really awesome), and watching the view count go up, and go up, and go up, to the 35,000 views it’s on at present. It’s all been a bit surreal to be honest, but I’ve spent all day grinning my ass off. I did a little dance around my kitchen at one point too. And scream almost hysterically down the phone to Zan, one of the kittens. 

We always hoped it would go down well, and of course there’s always that thought in your head of ‘what if it does all go nuts?’, but the whole thing’s been quite surreal if I’m honest. In the last couple of days the ladies have been been booked for one festival, invited to another and been pmed by Mr Durst. Off the back of something I helped create. 

Limp Bizkit liking and reposting one of your videos has to be one of those defining moments, and if nothing else comes of this I’m chuffed to fuck about that.

Here’s the video if you’d like to take a look. Don’t hate on it, it’s a tribute. And intended to be fun.

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