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So my day today has been a little bit crazy, and invoked a lot of ‘whoa wtf’ type exclamations. On Wednesday The Lounge Kittens posted the video I’d made for them a couple of weeks ago online. And we were stoked to hell with the 10,000 views it had had so far when we woke up this morning.

At 3pm today Fred Durst tweeted the ladies to say he loved their cover of Rollin’. 5 minutes later I was tagged in a comment on Limp Bizkit’s Facebook page by a friend…they’d posted the video link up.

All day long both myself and the Kittens have been reading the comments on their status (some of them are from proper haters but mostly they’ve been really awesome), and watching the view count go up, and go up, and go up, to the 35,000 views it’s on at present. It’s all been a bit surreal to be honest, but I’ve spent all day grinning my ass off. I did a little dance around my kitchen at one point too. And scream almost hysterically down the phone to Zan, one of the kittens. 

We always hoped it would go down well, and of course there’s always that thought in your head of ‘what if it does all go nuts?’, but the whole thing’s been quite surreal if I’m honest. In the last couple of days the ladies have been been booked for one festival, invited to another and been pmed by Mr Durst. Off the back of something I helped create. 

Limp Bizkit liking and reposting one of your videos has to be one of those defining moments, and if nothing else comes of this I’m chuffed to fuck about that.

Here’s the video if you’d like to take a look. Don’t hate on it, it’s a tribute. And intended to be fun.

So the sad news is that 2 of @Housefires are leaving. Pretty gutting tbh as they’re both extremely amazing musicians, and will be a bloody pain to replace.

The good news is that I finally could make good use of some footage that’s been sitting around for AGES waiting to be made into a cool video. Oh look, a cool video.

For anyone interested (I’m sure there are stalkers who love all the random shizz I feed them) this video is made up of the very first bits of video footage I filmed after first getting a camera capable of capturing video. Which is why I made it black and white 6 months ago. But the dozen or so videos I’ve taught myself how to put together since Easter is why it’s now been shazammed. 

Thanks to Jolene Curran and Mikey Brown for the additional footage from the house show and Huddersfield.

Big love to a fave band. Here’s to survival and moving onwards and upwards. to view more of my videos.

Little Christmas update. 

I had a lovely couple of days with my kids over christmas, I even got some nice gifts. Having a birthday in December sucks ASS though. I can’t imagine what it must be like having it actually on Christmas Day, but if it was your birthday then I hope you had a fab day. And I hope everyone I know and love had a brilliant Christmas too.

Yesterday I went to the hospital to have an op on my finger. Yep again. Same finger, same problem. Was only in Feb of this year that I had it removed last time. The consultant said the chances of such things growing back again were probably the same as winning the lottery. Shame I don’t have as much luck with winning the lottery eh.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a minor op but nowadays you have to have it done in a proper operating theatre. It’s the most bizarre feeling walking into one and lying yourself down on the table, and having people around you chatting away. I like my consultant but he put a fucking huge ass needle into my hand TWICE and it genuinely is one of the most painful things ever. It felt like he’d pushed it down from the back of my hand and out through my palm. My whole hand swelled up too. But of course after that I didn’t feel a thing. Just as well as I was feeling majorly sick from the injections already. And the fact that I’d already been through the whole process once before just made it worse as I knew what was coming.

Still, it’s done now and hopefully the lump won’t come back again. I’m currently sitting at home watching rubbish tv and drinking dozens of cups of tea, nursing a sore finger. Actually not overly painful at present as the anaesthetic that was administered over 24 hours ago STILL hasn’t totally worn off. Ok, so it’s not a major thing, but having a bandaged finger puts me out of action for a couple of weeks at least. Best time of year? Yes, probably. 

Before I went in I made some pc wallpapers for 2013, from some of my favourite photos from 2012. You can download them for free from > photography > wallpaper

I also made myself a new portfolio book. Have a look:

So that was my week. Here’s to a brilliant New Year and wishing you all massive success and happy days in 2013.

2012, a bloody awesome year for new music

The Decemberness means it’s almost time to reminisce about the past year, although tbf I think about the whole year the whole year round. I will be joining everyone else online in this annual ritual at some imminent point, but for now here are my favourite albums from 2012. The ones I’ve listened to the most probably.

This year 99% of the albums I’ve listened to have been incredible. No, seriously, what an amazing year for releases! If you disagree with my choices, that’s cool. You should know that I mostly listen to underground / up and coming bands, so before you shout at me that Parkway Drive aren’t included… I haven’t heard it. I haven’t heard a lot of 2012 releases tbf. I heard these.

Last year I struggled to put together a top 10, this year I could make a top 20. Easily. You should know that I had extreme difficulty in picking these and if your favourite, or even your own, album isn’t here arghhhh I’m sorry. Maybe I haven’t heard it.

Right, so for anyone who cares here’s my favourite albums of 2012, in a very alphabetical way. Because I’m a chicken.

Bury Tomorrow - The Union of Crowns

This was the album of 2012 I was looking forward to the most. It’s natural to try to compare new albums with their predecessors, but this isn’t Portraits, and I won’t lie that I wasn’t ever so ever so slightly disappointed that it isn’t a continuation of one of my favourite albums ever. It is every bit Bury Tomorrow though, and sounds huge from start to finish. There are lots of potential releases on it and every single that has been released from it so far are TUNES - An Honourable Reign slammed itself into place as my favourite BT track the second I heard it. Sometimes the slow burners end up becoming the best, eh.  

Deaf Havana - Fools and Worthless Liars

Forever a DH fan. I guess I’m a converted DH fan really, because I’m of the old skool DH fanbase. I still listen to their first album/EPs and I still love them. But I also love the new sound too. Jamesy has one of my favourite voices ever ever. I don’t know of any other UK band who’ve managed to adapt their sound quite so smoothly and successfully as they have, whilst still managing to sound like them. And this album is the result, and proof that change, no matter how tough to begin with, is sometimes the best outcome. Fool and Worthless Liars is outstanding.

Death of an Artist - X

Yes, yes I know this is one of the bands I work with. That really doesn’t change that fact that this album is RAD! It had all round pretty damn good reviews from the established mags too. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

Demoraliser - A Living Nightmare

The best thing anyone’s shown me all year. I saw them play a couple of times this year and was impressed, but hadn’t listened to them on cd at all, then heard good things about the album and decided it was time to sort that out, and literally within one song I was hooked. It sounds MASSIVE and ticks every single thing I like about music. It reminds me so much of The Returners by The Ghost Inside, which is one of my favourite albums ever. If you like TGI you really should check this out.

Don Broco - Priorities 

Absolute fan of this album. Every track is a TUNE! I put it on in my car and drive with a massive smile on my face for 37 minutes (40 if I play Hold On twice) before allowing it to just go back to track one and play all over again. The fact that this is also one of only 2 albums I’ve bought this year that every person in my family loves as much as me, which is a big thing considering one kid is into dubstep and the other doesn’t really care much about most music I listen to at all, and the fact that I can, and have, listened to it for hours and hours at a time whilst driving the length and breadth of the UK, makes it my favouritest album of 2012.  

Enter Shikari - A Flash Flood of Colour

This is the other album of 2012 that every one in my house likes. It’s not surprising really as it’s Shikari at their best (I think). The crossover appeal of this album, this band, is what I also love about it, aside from the fact that every track on it is incredible in it’s own right. There are no other bands that sound quite like Shikari. None. The fact that they have managed to hold onto such a unique sound exclusively for so long is quite astounding.

Feed the Rhino - The Burning Sons

I have sooo much fucking love for this band. They’ve got a sound that is their own. I love how frantic and wonderfully brutal their live sets are, and this album is beast. If you’ve got this how bloody ace is Tides eh? It’s like a little piece of calm in a tempest. This album is what I put on in my car when I’m tired and need waking up. Oh oh how I wish I’d listened to Jimbo’s recommendations to check out his band much sooner than I did, but better late than never eh. Get this, then go see them live. 

Lower Than Atlantis - Changing Tune

Another banger of an LTA album. How do they do it? 3 killer albums in 3 years? Crazy. It’s packed with the usual brilliant lyrics from Mr Duce (I’m a fan, can you tell?) and the more I hear it the more I love it. I will stick my neck out (unusually) and say that I don’t think it’s quite as strong an offering as World Record, but meh, minor niggle really as it’s still bloody excellent. Normally Strange is my favourite track. Useless piece of information is that my youngest son Josh is a MASSIVE LTA fan too. He also rates Changing Tune highly.

Polar - Iron Lungs

Another band I absolutely adore. Like thiiiiiis much. I loved their EP but this is a definite huge step up. So many potential singles on it too, and no skippers. When I listen to it I get taken back to any of the many times I’ve seen them play and just grin. And I love that I know what K.C.M stands for. 

While She Sleeps - This Is The Six

One of the most anticipated albums of the year for me. I bought it the morning it was released and listened to it every day solid for a week, each time it sounded like it was the first time I played it. If you’re a Sleeps fan you don’t need me to rave on and on about how great it sounds, you know. Is anyone else kinda wondering how they’re gonna top it though? Hard task if you ask me but I’m keeping the faith.

I also love 2012 albums from Young Guns, The Ghost Inside, Shadows Chasing Ghosts, Hildamay and sooo many other bands! 2012 was too good. Too good.

Special mentions also to Chick Rides Artist, Housefires, Palm Reader, Subsource, Violet and Try Me/Love Me who all released EPs this year that I think are RAD.

And next year? Well next year I’m looking forward to new releases from Mallory Knox, Heart in Hand, Max Raptor, Vanna and The Valiant, among others.  

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