Some of my @Groezrock 2012 pics are now online. Click HERE to view the gallery.

I went over with Big Deal Clothing to shoot for them, Monster Energy Europe and Australian Hysteria Magazine. Was a mental weekend! One of my faves of the year for sure.

Head over to the Monster Energy Europe Music Facebook page for more pics, including some from the Front/Monster launch party. 

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Quick update

Had a cool weekend, Hit the Deck was a networking dream. Saw lots of people I haven’t seen for a while, saw a few bands, made a video of it all for Big Deal Clothing. Hopefully it’ll be online by the end of the week!

Off to Belgium tomorrow with the Big Deal crew for 4 days. Of course working for Monster Energy too, looking forward to seeing Pieter and his crew too. Last year was awesome so I have high expectations. It’s the first festival I’m being paid to review/shoot by a magazine. It’s been a long time coming.

I have some dates for shoots in May. If you wanna have a chat you can email me at or give me a call: 07973518068. My fees are extremely reasonable/competitive and I will happily shoot unsigned bands. I don’t know why people generally think I don’t/won’t do this. 

Have fun whatever you’re doing this weekend. Go see some bands, hang out with friends, drink cider and try to get plenty of sleep. That’s what I’m doing. x

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Marianne Harris on…down time. That turns out not to be down time. (Or random catch up blog)


I vaguely feel like a stand up comedian trying to make a comeback (you know, the ones with velour lounge jackets and high pitched voices), but…HELLO! It’s been a while! How was your Christmas?? Oh wait, it’s already February..damn.

The last two months have been strange. Or just a bit different maybe. I’ve been busy, in fact I’ve been OFF MY FACE busy. Just not in the usual ways. My life for the last 5 years has generally been music, photography, bands, family, school (this is work btw, I’m not 15. Sadly), driving, editing, Myspace/Facebook. And music and photography have taken up the majority percentage of that time.

Things lately have been moving in different directions, and I kinda like it. I welcome it in fact. The bigger question is whether I have time to do all the things I want to be doing. Time is pushing me closer and closer to giving up my day job.

One of the things I’ve been doing is working for a local promotions company. Advance Promotions (look them up!) are no doubt one of the biggest independant regional promoters in the UK, and are the reason I’m a photographer full stop. A couple weeks ago I started working for them more officially. One of the things I’ve been doing is helping out with admin/press stuff for Takedown Festival Twenty Twelve, and I have to say I am loving it. There’s so many awesome things happening at this event! I can’t wait.

I’ve also been spending MAD amounts of time with the bands I manage: Death of an Artist, We Start Partys, Housefires and The Valiant. I’m seriously happy with them, and there are damn cool things happening and/or in the pipeline. That’s like the classic thing to say right? Haha. But seriously, both DOAA and Housefires have releases out around Easter time. I think you should check them all out! 

In photography news I’ve got some shoots and events/shows coming up that I’m properly excited about. One of the best things about music is that it has this awesome ability to make age irrelevant, and I don’t feel stupid at all saying it gets me excited. If anyone finds a better word in the English language to describe how music makes you feel please let me know because ‘excited’ never seems to really do enough justice to how it actually affects me. But yeah, if you’d like to know where I’m going I’ve put up lots of dates on the Bandpage on my Facebook photography page. Can I just say that there are FAR too many good shows in February to choose from!

In Big Deal news, well we’ve been planning a shake up for a while, and it’s coming together nicely. News about some new bands will be posted up soon, but in the meantime we’re bloody stoked to be able to say we’re one of the sponsors for Takedown Twenty Twelve. Yes, go check out the lineup, it’s NUTS! Well for mad lovers of alternative rock and metal like me it is. Plus there’s some damn good pop punk/rock bands on it too. I’ve already booked my hotel (posh one right near the uni) so I hope everyone’s up for some partying after!

Finally, I’m having some surgery soon. BOO! Luckily it’s only a minor thing to remove a growing lump from one of my fingers, but you’d think it was a major thing judging by all the palaver. I have to go into a hospital theatre even though it’s only under a local anaesthetic, been told not to put any pressure at all on it for at least 2 weeks, and not to get it wet. And that it may well get infected anyway. Being a photographer and a mother, and that it’s the finger I take all the weight of my camera on, none of these things are doable or likey. Fun times!

Ok I think that’s all for now. Go grab a bargain from the Big Deal website…the sale’s been extended til the end of February. Wahoo!

Mar x

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Marianne Harris on: being a Big Deal


Last blog of the year. Where the fuck did 2011 go eh? But no, really, where DID it go? It seems like only yesterday we were reminiscing about 2010, welcoming in the New Year and looking forward to new horizons in 2011.

2011 was a good year. To be fair it was probably a better than good year. It was the year of being a Big Deal - being at some of the best music events, and meeting new people.  Lots of people. Summed up in as little words as possible here’s how it kinda went.

2011 started in January with our first model shoot of the year, in Bristol at the @Bristol Experience down by the docks. It was surprisingly warm for the time of year and the sun came out almost on demand, which is good considering I made Emz and Jen stand in a big fountain for over half an hour. They looked as stunning as always though and were consummate pros even if standing in water wrecked their shoes. Sorry ladies, love you.

In March I travelled up to the home town of Big Deal to shoot the new range in a rather awesome salon owned by the lovely Petra. I even got my hair ‘bouffanted’. Aha gotta love being pampered! Later in the month Dougie tackled the mammoth drive over to Belgium alone to help celebrate 5 years of Campus with the guys.

In April we went over to Meerhout in Belgium for one of the best festivals we’ve ever been to, Groezrock. Van road trip, Shadows Chasing Ghosts, friends, Monster family members, great bands, a circus tent, dusty feet, cheap beer, Campus and Etnies giving us some cooking space. Was a goodun!

It was also the month of a massively successful, brand new event, Hit The Deck. Good music, a Monster truck, Alex Baker, Belgian friends, Hyro Da Hero’s club dance moves and thousands of people descended upon Nottingham Rock City. And a Big Deal Sponsored stage that saw hundreds of people rammed to the roof for bands like My Passion and Young Guns. We had a blast.

May was Slam Dunk Leeds. Another corker of a year for this annual little gem. From a personal point of view it was another excuse to get smashed, culminating in random convos with American pop punk band members about tape measures and a dodgy trip in the back of a truck with Failsafe.

In June a Big Deal team went to Middlesborough for Make a Scene Festival. The line up was seriously good, so I’m still wondering why I didn’t go up for it. I’m sure there must have been a brilliant reason, because even on the best of days I wouldn’t turn a line up like that down.  Apparently it was awesome too.

June was also another trip to Leeds Uni for Ghostfest, a 2 day music event for the hardcore/ metal masses. Thankfully our Monster Energy friends were on hand to party hard and lighten our weekend. <3

The biggest UK extreme sports and music festival happened in July. NASS is hosted near my home town so it’s always a highlight of the year for me and my family. Quite a bit of it was spent propping up the Big Deal stall and zipping around on borrowed scooters, while the rest was spent enjoying good music in the form of some alternative rock and plenty of DNB and Dub step, and in line skating shenanigans. Oh yeah can’t forget the in line skating. Definite soft spot for in line skaters.

We also hosted an awesome party at Uprawr in Birmingham in July. Shadows Chasing Ghosts, Devil Sold His Soul and Alex Baker came to spin some decks for us, and clubbers were treated to generous giveaways and greeted by a bevy of stunning Front girls shooting sambuca from water pistols into their drooling mouths.  Sounds like a great party right? Judging by grinning, Sambuca soaked faces and by the state of the backstage area at the end of the night it definitely was!

August is, of course, Hevy Fest month. It almost needs no introduction at all. If you were there you might have seen our little habitat, situated near the Rock Sound Stage. Which let me tell you was handy because we got to listen to some crushingly awesome noises emanating from it all weekend. Being at a rock festival also means there being plenty of friends around. And plenty of people to party with. Our team worked hard and partied hard in equal measure.

Dougie and the team also popped down to Fistral Beach in Cornwall for an exciting weekend at Boardmasters, most of which I heard he spent partying with Deaf Havana and We Are The Ocean. Legend! And Emz Ducky, Tom Ogden and myself made the trip out to Canvey Island to shoot a new set for the Summer/Autumn range on the beach.

In September Merthyr Rock happened. And oh how it happened. Take a huge handful of the best Welsh rock bands, add in some other awesome bands, a site with a lake in it, a lot of rad people, and the Big Deal crew and that’s Merthyr Rock. A pint of Pimms exchanged for a drinks token? Winner. Perhaps only just topped by visits to our stall from the My Passion guys and Gav from The Blackout, and drunken activities in the BD tent long after the site closed. Anyone would think we’re all party animals or something!

We also popped into Butserfest for the day. Now that’s a great little festival: 2000 kids moshing to good music and getting excited about face paints.

The year was finished off in style with a couple of Uprawr winter parties. Being the absolute party pooper I am (haha) I didn’t go to either, but perhaps I should have because I clearly missed out eh.

Well, give or take a few details that’s how my year with Big Deal went. Before I sign off I need to thank the people who’ve been involved with Big Deal this year and helped make it what it is. To the Big Deal crew who’ve come to events with us and the beautiful people who’ve modelled for us: Emz Ducky, Dani Winter-Bates, Tom Ogden, Lee Wilson, Ceri Collins, Jen Hughes, Adam ‘Relic’ Wood, Kyle Savage, Danny Coy, Trey Tremain, Dai Cummins, Jack Mackrill, Te Ara Dirkse, Sam Richards, Amy Steaggles, Luke Grahame, Kirsty Gibson, Abbey Saunders, Gema Ciriello, Phil Barker, Lisa Grant, Charlotte Herbert, plus our Uprawr party girls Lauren Fernandez, Jessica Calvesbert, Lucy Collet and Paris Platt. Big thanks also to Alex Baker…the ultimate dj/party warrior, Monster Energy for ably fuelling our adventures, Rhodri Jones, Jamie Osman, Jon Stone, Scott Peters, Katy Jackson, Pete and Alex @ Smalltown Records, My Passion, Polar, The Blackout, Skindred, Sonic Boom Six and the other bands who support us in return: Bury Tomorrow, Deaf Havana, Feed The Rhino, Yashin, Shadows Chasing Ghosts, Campus, We Are Fiction, Kids Can’t Fly, When Hope Escapes, Jody Has a Hitlist, The Casino Brawl and Atlas&I (RIP).

And to YOU for buying our designs and keeping us in business.

Come find me and slap me on the wrist if I’ve left you off that list, many apologies. You’re still a Big Deal in our books.

We want to wish you all a very Happy New Year and we’ll see you in 2012.

Marianne x

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Marianne Harris on: the cure for doom and gloom?


Is it just me or is the news proper depressing at the moment? 1 in 4 people out of work, high street shops are struggling, destitute uni students are turning to escorting, we’re looking at a possible new recession, everything is getting more and more expensive (the prices in the supermarket are SHOCKING…give your mum more housekeeping money you) and we’ve gotta find pennies for presents. Everything is money money money. Doom and gloom, DOOM AND GLOOM.

Everyone needs CHEERING UP.

Well I don’t know about you but there aren’t a massive bunch of things that cheer me up, especially at this time of year (aside from Santa Clause The Movie…watched that yesterday with my class of 7 year olds at work. BRILLIANT. And guaranteed smiles). One thing that I know for sure brightens my day though is music. Music, if you didn’t already know, rules my life. Some people live, eat and sleep sport (Football BLAH. Cricket NOOO. Golf ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH?) or are complete book worms (I do enjoy me some Terry Pratchett mind), or are addicted to gaming (ie. My other half). For me it’s all about the music. I get ridiculously excited about it, I’m not afraid to admit that. It started when I was about 13. All my friends were into Bryan Adams and Queen. I was obsessed with Adam Ant. I had his poster above my bed and knew all the moves to Prince Charming. I bought his book, plaited my hair and painted a white stripe across my nose with my face paints when no one was around, and played Kings of the Wild Frontier a million times on my record player.

I don’t think you ever grow out of some things. Of course Adam Ant is no longer an obsession but I still feel no different about music than I did when I was 13. In fact it’s gotten worse….not that worse is a bad thing, it definitely isn’t. I can’t play an instrument, unless you count a recorder, but I know that music is in my blood the same way it is in most musicians’. 5 years of going to hundreds upon hundreds of shows, seeing thousands of bands, is either going to make you sick to death of it or embrace it and love it more. I think there’s honestly nothing else in my life that even comes close to being so fulfilling. It’s too exciting. And it keeps me feeling young.

There’s no such thing as a fast cure for doom and gloom, for beating the blues, for sorting out all the depressing things that are shoved down our throats day by day, but…if you want something that comes close put your favourite band’s cd on and relax with a cup of tea. Or dance around your kitchen. Or crank up the volume in your car. Or go see a band play. In fact get on your pc right now and check out your local venue, see what they’ve got coming up and go and check out some new music. You might just like it. And if you already do that well done, you are not only cheering yourself up but you are directly contributing to keeping live music alive, as well as helping out those bands. All for the price of a pint or two.

Right I’m off til next week, I have a busy weekend: Big Deal Family members Feed The Rhino are playing tomorrow night in Guildford at Mutiny, and Death of An Artist and The Valiant are playing in Bournemouth at Champions on Saturday. Then on Sunday I might go see Deaf Havana play with Architects in Bristol. Sack the Christmas shopping off and come see some highly recommended bands with me.

Mar x

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Marianne Harris On: Christmas



The day Jesus was born. The day you fondly remember from your childhood when you were so excited you couldn’t sleep properly for a whole week, and then on the big day itself was up at 4am, literally seconds after your parents placed your old sports sock stuffed with satsumas and chocolate coins and 10p pieces onto the end of your bed and tiptoed out of your room. The only day of the entire year you had a proper roast dinner, piled into a mountain, with 3 types of veg, sausages wrapped in bacon, roast parsnips, and a lake of gravy. The day when watching Top of the Pops became a family tradition. The day when family members you saw once a year came round for tea and your mum made everyone wear those stupid two-tone paper hats that ended up sitting over your eyes, making you look like a complete numpty.

I’ve been a self confessed non fan of Christmas for years.  I don’t hate it. It’s not that at all. No ghosts are going to be visiting me on Christmas Eve or anything daft. And it’s not like I don’t have loads of great memories of Christmases as a child. I do kinda dread it every year though, at least til Christmas Eve when I can relax with a Baileys and immerse myself in televisual cheese. Perhaps it’s the thought of having to magic up money, tackling busy high streets, the constant toy ads on tv, tinsel decorating everything in my local supermarket for weeks and weeks, and most of all not knowing what to buy anyone! And I don’t need it rammed down my throat in September that I only have ’79 shopping days left til Christmas!’ Thanks.

Perhaps, just perhaps though, my biggest issue with Christmas all along has been that my birthday is also in December. As a child I’d constantly get palmed off with ‘it’s not much, but it is Christmas in a few weeks…’  Smile smile. Great, another year without a party, or a bike, or even a Barbie. Cus that was what I wanted. The years I spent enviously playing with my sister’s Barbies at my dad and step mum’s just wishing someone would buy me one. When I was in my 20s I bought my own bloody Barbie, a limited edition one with a beautiful ball gown on in a box I must add, not one with sparkly leggings (although I was tempted), and resented Christmas, and birthdays, a little bit more with each passing year.

This year feels different. I was listening to Radio One last week, giggling at Chris Moyles and his team raping the Christmas songs and jingles, and actually found myself singing along to Dominic The Donkey. The Coca Cola ads on tv are making me smile, and I’m flicking through the channels to find out when the really rubbishy Christmas B movies are on. I’m looking forward to the chance of snow, and wrapping up presents and putting up my tree. And trying to shove my turkey into the oven. And whereas I’d usually brave the local shopping centre a few days before the 25th, I’ve almost already done all my present shopping. And, AND… it’s less than a week to my birthday. Rarely an event I look forward to (it’s a big scary one too, but you know what they say). This year I got myself a new camera. Maybe I should buy my own birthday presents more often eh. It seems to be the perfect Christmas therapy.

Before I leave, go check out Bury Tomorrow’s new song ‘Royal Blood’. It’s a bit good.

Marianne Harris

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Baker On: Misfits / Fifa / FML and Music

I want to meet Simon from Misfits!! Also Mr Baker, when are you actually going to get me into the studio and make me famous? :)


Misfits / Fifa / FML and Music

It’s been a pretty sick week all in all, interviewed some cool peeps including Theory Of A Deadman (not my favourite band in the world but funny dudes),Hilary de Vey from Dragons Den who as awesome and Iwan Rheon who plays Simon in Misfits who was - annoyingly - an absolute legend!! I say annoyingly because he’s good looking, a wicked actor and an immensely talented musician - so I was hoping that, like Jared Leto, he’d be an absolute fuck-cunt…but he wasn’t, he was charming, witty, sharp and awesome….what a prick!
Misfits, if you live in the 1930s and don’t have a TV is awesome…it looks like its been run through an Instagram filter and sounds even better, it’s funny and clever and I reckon I’m going to make it a personal mission to try and do a tasty cameo at some point!! Wish me luck.
Anyway, although its been a fun week it’s been massively tempered by my apparent utter ineptitude at Fifa 2012 - can ANYONE offer me some tips #HelpBaker on twitter @alexbakerman ?? Why do I keep getting beaten? It’s so fucking annoying!! The last guy I played before I almost threw my Xbox out of the window WASN’T EVEN PLAYING!!! He wasn’t even playing…every time he had the ball he just stood there motionless while I fucked about like a knobhead trying to get the ball off his static player… Mel (my lady) was laughing her ass off!! I felt like such a dick!!! Can anyone help? Is there something I don’t know that everyone else seems to know?
Annnnnnnnnyway, on to the music - I’m still totally loving Take The Seven (@takethe7)…so melodic, so catchy, so brilliant! However this week I’m also loving the tones of a chap called John J Presley (@JohnJPresley) - when this guy sings I feel one of two emotions:
1) like I’m in a gunslinger bar in the wild west, drunk, slouched at the bar listening to this bearded gent slurring away in he corner and thinking its the coolest thing I’ve ever heard!
2) like I’m a woman who is totally turned on because this bearded gent is singing at me and he has the coolest, most masculine voice imaginable.
…just depends on my mood really….hmmm…
Right I’ve gone on enough - next week will be about downloading music illegally - if you do it I’m going to hunt you the fuck down - so you have 7 days to stop!!….bitches.

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Music fan, published journalist, ex webzine Editor, band manager, member of the Monster Energy Music UK team, a natural ginger (ha she loves it), our friend and friend to many a decent rock band, and a rather good photographer, Marianne Harris has been a recognisable name in the UK alternative music scene for the last 4 years. She’s been shooting our brand for the last 18 months, pimped and promoted, helped organise our team and tirelessly supported our bands. We asked her to write us a weekly blog, about anything at all, so every Thursday we’ll get a taste of her world. 

Hey. I’ve been asked to write a weekly blog for Big Deal, about anything I choose, which is actually more difficult than it sounds. Photography and music seem the obvious choices but I’m a massive fan of random so I might just throw in a few surprises along the way. This week I thought I’d write about what I did last weekend. Because it was generally pretty awesome. I do however feel that I should warn you in advance that it’s highly likely some, if not all, of these blogs will include unashamed name dropping. I know that pisses some people off, but honestly, without trying to sound rude, you’re just gonna have to deal with it otherwise this entire blog will be about ‘that pretty dope band/that guitarist/drummer/singer from that pretty dope band’, which is boring as shit.

My weekend started on Friday with an invitation from US friends The Ghost Inside to go see them play in London at The Forum with a little known band called August Burns Red. And an even less known band called A Day To Remember. Only someone not quite in their right mind would turn their nose up at that. Not only have TGI been one of my most raved about and enjoyed bands of 2011, especially since seeing them play in Sweden for the first time last summer and being completely blown away by their live set, and their album ‘The Returners’ being one of the most played in my car stereo for months, but the last time I saw A Day To Remember was way back in 2008. I still have extremely fond memories of the first time I saw them too, on their debut visit to the UK with Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, amazingly playing to only 30 people in a decent sized venue in Brighton. I found it quite extraordinary that a band I’d been listening to and ranting about to all and sundry for almost an entire year previously weren’t already massive. But then I caught them on their next tour, at a sold out show in Cardiff with The Devil Wears Prada a few months later, when the buzz here had really just begun for both, and it was a very different story. Witnessing them destroy numerous venues on their subsequent tour with For The Fallen Dreams and Azriel cemented their growing fanbase in the UK, and thanks to some awesome hang outs and incredible sets those are still some of my favourite shows ever. After that it all went uphill at an exciting and alarming rate, so much so that their success and fortune led to it becoming instantly nearly impossible for me to gain access to see them play. So I didn’t even try.

For all the above reasons I was naturally ecstatic about such a reason to be in London, even after the somewhat long and stressful trek into the capital. Despite my excitement, and an intention to finally properly meet the guys from August Burns Red, which I’d somehow managed to avoid at Groezrock (I blame the free Jager), I had decided not to use my access to go pester anyone backstage. Imagine then my surprise whilst chatting to Jim from TGI in the stair well when all the ADTR guys came down from their dressing room and greeted me like they only saw me yesterday, with ‘hey’ and hugs from all. Whilst my inner fan girl was grinning in delight I was still a bit unprepared, well it was 3 and a half years since I’d seen them last, and they have gone mega global rock star on us all in the space of those few years, so before I knew it I’d come out with that classic line ‘wow you guys remember me?’ The reply to which from Jeremy was ‘yeah course, you took the infamous naked photos of us.’ Perfect! Haha!

The show itself was incredible; The Ghost Inside were on top form and literally owned their stage,  August Burns Red were brutally delicious and well, A Day To Remember were suitably incredible. The venue was rammed to the hilt and the south contingent did all the bands proud, with numerous rowdy pits opening up and full on voices echoing back lyrics. The best part of the day though was having the opportunity to spend some time with Jim, just chilling out and catching up. And hearing their news. It’s all very exciting stuff, definitely well deserved, and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing them again in April when they tour with Parkway Drive.  It’s one of the best line ups I’ve seen on a tour so check out the dates and get yourself along to a show. And make sure you catch The Ghost Inside; if you’ve never seen them before I’m fairly certain they just might become one of your new favourite bands too.

You can view some of the photos from the show over at my dedicated photography Facebook page: along with those taken at most of the events I’ve done this year. I would greatly appreciate you clicking the ‘like’ button while you’re there.

I can’t possibly leave without insisting you all go check out the awesome designs over at Without Big Deal I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to some of the festivals I did in 2011, or meet some of the truly amazing people I have. 

See you same place same time next week. Mar x

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Baker On: Music Snobbery

OMFG Alex. And THIS is why I fucking LOVE you!! I want this man’s wit, charm and balls (in a very non sexual way) right now! And his job at Monster (shhh don’t tell him that.)

And yeah, his music taste is ALMOST as good as mine. :) ha.


Here is something new for you all, every Sunday at 6pm Big Deal Ambassador Alex Baker (Kerrang! Radio DJ) will be writing about his thoughts on certain themes to do with the Alternative music scene, wether its current happenings, upcoming bands or just something you all should know about, it will be here!

Baker on music snobbery
Hear this: music is sick in all it’s forms, you can pretend you think Rhianna’s a twat or that you dont like any Snow Patrol songs, but face it - you’ll dance your ass off as soon as you hear “oh naa naa, what’s my name?” and youll cry like a biyatch as soon as Gary Lightbody starts singing about Chasing Cars. You love it, you music slag, so don’t pretend you don’t. If people just admitted they liked certain tunes the world would be a fuck load easier. 
Every now and then you’ll see me post up on my twitter (@alexbakerman) with the hash tag #DJDiaries - I tend to do this when I’m out DJing and someone has been a joker. People don’t get that when you’re DJing a club, you’re playing to the dancefloor - it’s not about what YOU (as a Dj) want to play, its about what will make the dancefloor go OFF……with that in mind you can undertstand why I actually pissed myself with laughter on Thursday night when I was DJing… there i was, slamming out big boy tunes, dancefloor raging, girls and boys hooking up, drinks in the sky…just pure partying….when this kid strolls up to me and says:
“mate, can’t you play something no one knows!?!”
I was like: “I’m sorry mate…what!? You want me to play something no one knows!?! Not even something specific? Just ANYTHING that no one will know!?”
And he was like “yeah…”
…….don’t get me wrong, I’m all about new music, but no one wants to hear the 4th track off the latest Goat Fucker album when they are out partying!! They wanna hear big tunes that they can sing along too, dance to and get drunk too!! I told this guy all this and he - in the manner of a drunk requester - simply said: 
“sellout!…you’re just pandering to the audience!” 
Hahaha!!! I was like, “bro are you actually mental, haha listen to what you’re saying!? If you wondered in here and there was like 2000 people just standing around looking bored because they didn’t recognise any of the tunes, are you honestly telling me that you think that would be good?” - his answer??…..”errrr ummm fuck off” hahahahaha!!!!

So, next time you go up to the DJ booth ask yourself a few things:

1) will your request get the room jumping? Not just you.
2) are you requesting a song just because you want to show off your musical knowledge? If so, dont be a twonk.
3) do you honestly think the DJ isn’t already planning on playing the tune you want? And finally…
4) if the DJ isn’t planning on playing the tune you want, then its probably because its gonna kill the vibe of the room if he plays it…so probably won’t play it, even if you request it!!

Look out my #DJDiaires and join me the world of request-madness!!

Anyyyyway, in other news have you bought Deaf Havanas “Fools And Worthless Liars” yet? 

NO?? = IM COMING FOR YA!!!!!!!!!! 

Yes? = Good work!!! 

It’s amazing to have been on the long journey with the guys, ive been a fan since 2006 and have been playing them on air since 2008 - they have gone from being a great little unsigned band to a fantastic indie label band (Wolf At Your Door) to now being a truly unreal major label band - Fools And Worthless Liars is a mix of heart-wrenching melodies and commercial adult-rock, striking an amazing balance between youthful exuberance and grown-up musicianship. “Hunstanton Pier” actually brought a tear to my eye the first time I heard it - but every song is finely crafted and the whole album grows on you like a flesh eating virus that’s awesome because you’re into that shit you sick fuck! 

9/10 - buy it!!
Alex Baker
Kerrang! Radio DJ
Monster Energry
Big Deal Clothing Ambassador 

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I flippin LOVE @sonicboomsix !! New video, check it out!


Good friends of our Sonic Boom Six have dropped a new music video for new single ‘For The Kids Of The Multiculture’ 

Check it out and fall in love with this band!

Oh they are about to go on tour around the UK too, check the dates on their Facebook page

big deal Big Deal Clothing sonic boom six

I&#8217;m going to this. I think. 


Following our announcement of making Kay Jackson from The Hype Theory a Big Deal Brand Ambassador, we are happy to sponsor and be a part of their album launch party on 10th October at 7pm in Chelmsford at the Cave Nightclub!
Not only are The Hype Theory playing, their are special guests Shadows Chasing Ghosts, Fine Young Crackers &amp; God Damn Kids
It is FREE entry som if you are over 18 come down and party with us!

I’m going to this. I think. 


Following our announcement of making Kay Jackson from The Hype Theory a Big Deal Brand Ambassador, we are happy to sponsor and be a part of their album launch party on 10th October at 7pm in Chelmsford at the Cave Nightclub!

Not only are The Hype Theory playing, their are special guests Shadows Chasing Ghosts, Fine Young Crackers & God Damn Kids

It is FREE entry som if you are over 18 come down and party with us!

big deal clothing the hype theory

Good weekend I reckon! Big Deal Clothing @ Hevy Fest 2011


Here’s what we got up to at Hevy Fest 2011 a few weeks ago. We rocked out at the stall while a whole host of awesome bands rocked the hell out of Lympne Animal Park near Folkestone. Lots of our friends came to party with us at the stall including Feed The Rhino, Don Broco, Polar, Deaf Havana, Heart In Hand, The Hype Theory and Alex Baker from Kerrang Radio!

big deal clothing hevy fest feed the rhino deaf havana don broco polar the hype theory