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I wasn’t planning on making any desktop wallpapers for 2014, but several hundred people downloaded the ones I made last year, thought it was worth doing again for next year?

So here are some of what may be my finest live photos from 2013, as 1920x1080 sized desktop wallpapers, available now for free download from, or you can click the image above if you’re reading this on Tumblr. 


Music fan, published journalist, ex webzine Editor, band manager, member of the Monster Energy Music UK team, a natural ginger (ha she loves it), our friend and friend to many a decent rock band, and a rather good photographer, Marianne Harris has been a recognisable name in the UK alternative music scene for the last 4 years. She’s been shooting our brand for the last 18 months, pimped and promoted, helped organise our team and tirelessly supported our bands. We asked her to write us a weekly blog, about anything at all, so every Thursday we’ll get a taste of her world. 

Hey. I’ve been asked to write a weekly blog for Big Deal, about anything I choose, which is actually more difficult than it sounds. Photography and music seem the obvious choices but I’m a massive fan of random so I might just throw in a few surprises along the way. This week I thought I’d write about what I did last weekend. Because it was generally pretty awesome. I do however feel that I should warn you in advance that it’s highly likely some, if not all, of these blogs will include unashamed name dropping. I know that pisses some people off, but honestly, without trying to sound rude, you’re just gonna have to deal with it otherwise this entire blog will be about ‘that pretty dope band/that guitarist/drummer/singer from that pretty dope band’, which is boring as shit.

My weekend started on Friday with an invitation from US friends The Ghost Inside to go see them play in London at The Forum with a little known band called August Burns Red. And an even less known band called A Day To Remember. Only someone not quite in their right mind would turn their nose up at that. Not only have TGI been one of my most raved about and enjoyed bands of 2011, especially since seeing them play in Sweden for the first time last summer and being completely blown away by their live set, and their album ‘The Returners’ being one of the most played in my car stereo for months, but the last time I saw A Day To Remember was way back in 2008. I still have extremely fond memories of the first time I saw them too, on their debut visit to the UK with Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, amazingly playing to only 30 people in a decent sized venue in Brighton. I found it quite extraordinary that a band I’d been listening to and ranting about to all and sundry for almost an entire year previously weren’t already massive. But then I caught them on their next tour, at a sold out show in Cardiff with The Devil Wears Prada a few months later, when the buzz here had really just begun for both, and it was a very different story. Witnessing them destroy numerous venues on their subsequent tour with For The Fallen Dreams and Azriel cemented their growing fanbase in the UK, and thanks to some awesome hang outs and incredible sets those are still some of my favourite shows ever. After that it all went uphill at an exciting and alarming rate, so much so that their success and fortune led to it becoming instantly nearly impossible for me to gain access to see them play. So I didn’t even try.

For all the above reasons I was naturally ecstatic about such a reason to be in London, even after the somewhat long and stressful trek into the capital. Despite my excitement, and an intention to finally properly meet the guys from August Burns Red, which I’d somehow managed to avoid at Groezrock (I blame the free Jager), I had decided not to use my access to go pester anyone backstage. Imagine then my surprise whilst chatting to Jim from TGI in the stair well when all the ADTR guys came down from their dressing room and greeted me like they only saw me yesterday, with ‘hey’ and hugs from all. Whilst my inner fan girl was grinning in delight I was still a bit unprepared, well it was 3 and a half years since I’d seen them last, and they have gone mega global rock star on us all in the space of those few years, so before I knew it I’d come out with that classic line ‘wow you guys remember me?’ The reply to which from Jeremy was ‘yeah course, you took the infamous naked photos of us.’ Perfect! Haha!

The show itself was incredible; The Ghost Inside were on top form and literally owned their stage,  August Burns Red were brutally delicious and well, A Day To Remember were suitably incredible. The venue was rammed to the hilt and the south contingent did all the bands proud, with numerous rowdy pits opening up and full on voices echoing back lyrics. The best part of the day though was having the opportunity to spend some time with Jim, just chilling out and catching up. And hearing their news. It’s all very exciting stuff, definitely well deserved, and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing them again in April when they tour with Parkway Drive.  It’s one of the best line ups I’ve seen on a tour so check out the dates and get yourself along to a show. And make sure you catch The Ghost Inside; if you’ve never seen them before I’m fairly certain they just might become one of your new favourite bands too.

You can view some of the photos from the show over at my dedicated photography Facebook page: along with those taken at most of the events I’ve done this year. I would greatly appreciate you clicking the ‘like’ button while you’re there.

I can’t possibly leave without insisting you all go check out the awesome designs over at Without Big Deal I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to some of the festivals I did in 2011, or meet some of the truly amazing people I have. 

See you same place same time next week. Mar x

hahahahaha just found this on my harddrive looking for pics to put in my book. It’s from a shoot I did with ADTR in 2008. Comedy. Should I put it in…?
For the benefit of those reblogging this (awesome btw), it hasn’t been seen before because I’ve never put it online til now. :)
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hahahahaha just found this on my harddrive looking for pics to put in my book. It’s from a shoot I did with ADTR in 2008. Comedy. Should I put it in…?

For the benefit of those reblogging this (awesome btw), it hasn’t been seen before because I’ve never put it online til now. :)

I haven’t posted much up on Flickr for a few weeks. Got some tearsheets this week and thought I’d put those up.

Also the latest issue of online music mag Stencil is out tomorrow. One of my pics on the cover as well as various others inside too, but…there’s an interview with me. Can’t wait to see it!

Click on the images to read the articles.

From Australian Hysteria Mag (Printed Australian music publication), December 2010 issue - A Day To Remember:

From the same issue - Architects:

I just made another set of 2011 Desktop Wallpaper calendars.

size 1280x1024

January: Susie
February: Attack! Attack!
March: Don Broco + Proceed
April: Shadows Chasing Ghosts
May: A Day To Remember
June: The Blackout
July: The Dirty Youth
August: Nylon Sky
September: Jen and Emz for Big Deal Clothing
October: Yashin
November: Brokencyde
December: Vanna

Can download for a short period of time (probs till end of Jan) by clicking HERE

The first set featuring The Devil Wears Prada, While She Sleeps, Bury Tomorrow and loads more can still be downloaded from HERE, but for a very short period only.

I usually only put my pics online at low res so if you like my work and what I’m doing this is a rare opportunity to have some of my pics. And they look cool as calendars!

You can visit my website to see more of my work. And please follow my blog!

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