I went to @redfest this weekend. And I had so much fun! Everyone was very laid back and chilled, the security were lovely (Rachel I soo wish I’d taken your contact details cus you seem like the kind of lady I’d be happy to have as a friend on the outside), the organising team and all their staff I met were genuinely awesome, and the line up was mint. Massive thanks to Heart for hooking me up and being amazing. <3 

Friday night I slept in my car, worse night’s sleep ever, and then woke up to be told I could have slept in the band dressing room yurt. Still I got a cup of tea, which believe me was the best thing anyone gave me all weekend. Thanks Ben Hawthorne!! I had gone out partying in the dance tent with Alex Baker and Ben the night before though, very much the worse for wear, loving every silly second of it, and it meant I at least did sleep. Fitfully if nothing else.

Hang outs at the Big Deal stall with the lovely Katy and Katherine was great too. Doughnuts!! That’s a big fat yes every time.

Shout outs also to Sonic Boom Six (LOVE YOU), to the Shadows boys (big love always), to Subsource and Dom (first time I’d met/seen them, omg soo damn good, check them out), and to the Attention Thieves and Mallory Knox, esp Dave, for making me smile/laugh so much.

Funniest story of the weekend has to be the moment when some guy decided to push a portaloo right next to the main stage load in ramp over, with his friend inside it. In some kind of Jackass stylee, stunt movie slow mo action, the guy came flying out, literally a second before it crashed to the floor behind him. Pretty gross. Amazingly not only did he not get covered in shit, but he then came back and picked up the portaloo. Getting covered in shit in the process. Lol. Was jawdroppingly brilliant. 

Next big adventure is next weekend in Newquay with Monster, for a big fat party with Deaf Havana and Tek One, and then onto Bude to Leopalooza with Max Raptor. You should check them out too. Haven’t stopped listening to their cd all week!

I’m doing shoots for £100 this summer. This is a ridiculous price. There’s always a catch though right? Well the catch is that usually my shoots are at least 2 hours long, this price is for an hour, but hey…how long does it take to capture that one decent pic you’re gonna use eh? Also this only covers licence to use the pics for press and promotion (ie not artwork/merchandising). But we can sort that out at a reasonable price IF you wish to use them for those things at a later date anyway. The other catch is that if you’re out of my local area (Dorset) I’ll charge you travelling costs too. pffft. This is still a ridiculous price. Get in touch if you’d like a chat about it.

Or if you’d like me to come take some live pics for you, I can do that too. :)

I make live videos as well. I’ll be out and about with a couple of bands this summer filming things for them, but there’s always room for more.

Oh the other pics from this set (over 150 of them) are on my FB photo page: www.facebook.com/MarianneHarrisPhotography


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    Best festival I have ever been too. It was the best 3 days in my life that i have spent in a muddy field…
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    that picture of mikey made my tummy go funny.
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