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Whether you’re into rock, indie pop/rock, electronica, rap, hip hop, grime, metal, metalcore, hardcore or punk @redfestuk has got something for you. Day and weekend camping tickets from 

Redfest is one of 3 independant UK music events that I work production (and press) for, and the reason for that is that, like the others I work for (Takedown and Butserfest) it had such a hugely profound effect on me the first time I went that I just HAD to get involved. Independant music events are where it’s at in the UK right now. It’s always the small ones that get me excited, and the ones I enjoy the most, and I’m extremely lucky to count some as my job.

If you do come to Redfest you’ll find me at the Total Uprawr Stage. 

Takedown Festival UK - 10 must see bands

Takedown is next weekend at Southampton Uni. Hoping the weather will be as awesome as it’s been today. I’ve been working pretty hard the last couple months coordinating press lists, gathering previews and news urls, liaising with various publications, PR and bands, chasing people to come review, making clashfinders, designing laminates and writing briefs for the event media team. I’m pretty excited now for the big day, we’re all pretty damn excited. Been going over the clashfinder today figuring out exactly who I’m going to go watch, even if only briefly, and working out my schedule. So here are 10 of the bands I’m probably going to go see, and who I highly recommend you do too. In order of play throughout the day.

The Catharsis - New boys in the SGR camp hailing from Birmingham who will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF. I hope they play Styx (I doubt they will).

The Hell - Mystery hardcore outfit/collective. I haven’t seen them play before and ridiculously curious.  I want to see if the people I THINK are involved are. 

Feed the Rhino - They clash with The Hell. FUCK SAKE. I WILL make it work. FTR are easily one of my favourite UK bands. 

Heart in Hand - ALL of the HIH please! I’m gonna watch their entire set. Another SGR band too. See the 3 bands above. It’s an SGR takeoverrrr!

A Tale of Two Cities - My boys from Bridgwater!!!! Too much love. No they’re not metal. 

Emp!re - Ridiculous vocals from Joe. Shame they clash with Hacktivist. But wait, their stages are RIGHT next to each other. Hurray.

Hacktivist - Seen them loads. They’re fucking supreme. Bit of rap/djent can never be wrong. Gonna jump to ‘Niggas in Paradise’.

Yashin - Gonna have to be done. More jumping to some happy screamo pop. Lots of singalong.

Kids in Glass Houses - Maybe not as frenetic as I like bands to be but it’s always enjoyable. And I know all their songs despite not owning any recent albums.

Glamour of the Kill - Bunch of rock divas and I do love them. Haven’t seen them for agessss. 

After this I’ll also probably go check out some Heaven’s Basement and some FFAF, and then I’m going to go get quietly drunk at the aftershow. Who’s with me??

So my day today has been a little bit crazy, and invoked a lot of ‘whoa wtf’ type exclamations. On Wednesday The Lounge Kittens posted the video I’d made for them a couple of weeks ago online. And we were stoked to hell with the 10,000 views it had had so far when we woke up this morning.

At 3pm today Fred Durst tweeted the ladies to say he loved their cover of Rollin’. 5 minutes later I was tagged in a comment on Limp Bizkit’s Facebook page by a friend…they’d posted the video link up.

All day long both myself and the Kittens have been reading the comments on their status (some of them are from proper haters but mostly they’ve been really awesome), and watching the view count go up, and go up, and go up, to the 35,000 views it’s on at present. It’s all been a bit surreal to be honest, but I’ve spent all day grinning my ass off. I did a little dance around my kitchen at one point too. And scream almost hysterically down the phone to Zan, one of the kittens. 

We always hoped it would go down well, and of course there’s always that thought in your head of ‘what if it does all go nuts?’, but the whole thing’s been quite surreal if I’m honest. In the last couple of days the ladies have been been booked for one festival, invited to another and been pmed by Mr Durst. Off the back of something I helped create. 

Limp Bizkit liking and reposting one of your videos has to be one of those defining moments, and if nothing else comes of this I’m chuffed to fuck about that.

Here’s the video if you’d like to take a look. Don’t hate on it, it’s a tribute. And intended to be fun.

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