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The day before I left to go to Glastonbury something rather fucking fantastic happened, that I haven’t yet had a chance to tell anyone. I got offered an official endorsement from Calumet Photographic!! It’s a pretty huge deal and I’m soo stoked they approached me saying they wanted us to work together. Yay! :D

If you’re a photographer I HIGHLY recommend going to their website and checking out what they have!

A Tale of Two Cities @atotc are looking for a new vocalist (clean). If you think you are that person, or know someone that can step up and become a part of ATOTC then please get in touch. They’re a South West UK band looking for someone with time, dedication, enthusiasm, preferably who can drive and who may have experience of previously being in a band (although this is not necessary) and above all, a great voice. Drop them a FB message or an email to

Whether you’re into rock, indie pop/rock, electronica, rap, hip hop, grime, metal, metalcore, hardcore or punk @redfestuk has got something for you. Day and weekend camping tickets from 

Redfest is one of 3 independant UK music events that I work production (and press) for, and the reason for that is that, like the others I work for (Takedown and Butserfest) it had such a hugely profound effect on me the first time I went that I just HAD to get involved. Independant music events are where it’s at in the UK right now. It’s always the small ones that get me excited, and the ones I enjoy the most, and I’m extremely lucky to count some as my job.

If you do come to Redfest you’ll find me at the Total Uprawr Stage. 

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